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Customer satisfaction is our top priority
                            Welcome to Ashby Equity Ass'n
If you’re looking for high quality and personal service, you’ve come to the right place. At Ashby Equity we’ll give you the attention and personal service you’ve come to expect and enjoy. We offer the best in agronomy and energy products and have our Napa store and shop to serve your needs.  Ashby Equity is your local home town co-op owned by its patrons.  Let us put our experience and expertise to work for you.
               Toll Free 888-836-8728
Ken Johnson, General Manager of Ashby Equity Ass'n
  Sheila Boyd
 Office Manager
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               Our Mission

To be a growing cooperative that is a profitable and trusted supplier of high quality products and services
             Our Vision

To continue to be a locally owned cooperative producing value to our customers through the innovative sales and marketing of agronomy products, energy, parts and related services.  To employ a professional staff offering trusted services.  To be leaders in our communities.
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Ashby Equity Agronomy Center
If your Agronomy Center doesn't look like this, YOU ARE IN THE WRONG PLACE!!
Ashby Equity Dividends for the year 2016 are 6.01 percent.  This means that for an acre of corn or soybean the per acre (average) dividend would be, assuming all products used were purchased at Ashby Equity:

For one acre of corn                                     For one acre of soybean
Seed                              $7.21                       Seed                                $3.90
Fertilizer                       $6.00                        Fertilizer                         $3.42
Crop Protection           $1.80                        Crop Protection              $1.55
Application                   $0.55                        Application                     $0.96
Fuel                               $1.85                        Fuel                                 $1.59   
Propane                        $1.78
Dividend per acre      $19.19                       Dividend per acre          $11.42

We all need to thank these agronomists; left to right, James Hustad, Travis Lund, Taylor Kemper, and Aaron Bengtson for all the hard work they put into this years plots.  We will soon be planning our plot offerings for 2018.  The information gained will be of incredible value in going forward especially in the area of weed control.  All of our Agronomists have put in a significant amount of work on the plot and we expect you will like the results.
Travis Lund, Agronomy Manager
Technology Lead
James Hustad
Operations Manager
Aaron Bengtson 
Seed Lead
Taylor Kemper
 Crop Protection Lead
Work is progressing on the upgrades to the fertilizer tower.  We are upgrading the blender with a new mixing screw, and adding a larger discharge chute to speed up truck loading.  We are doing this to enhance delivery of fertilizers to our terragators and farmer trucks.