Croplan LC0545
-Maturity Group: 0.5
-Competes with 1.0 maturity group yields
-Handles stress very well
-Avoid Bean on Beans 

Croplan LC1200
-Maturity Group: 1.2
-Performs well on variable soil types
-Very Tall Bean 
-Avoid Irrigation
-Poor white mold tolerance

Peterson Farms Seed L07-16N 
-Maturity Group: 0.7
-Great yielder in maturity group
-Does well in variable soils type and row widths
-Doesn’t like wet feet 

Peterson Farms Seed L11-13N 
-Maturity Group: 1.1
-Toughest Peterson Liberty Link Soybean 
-Great defensive package
-Can lodge at higher populations
-Back off to lower populations

Peterson Farms Seed L13-15N 
-Maturity Group: 1.3
-Great defensive package
-Handles environmental variability
-Has good phytophthora tolerance
-Does not have the phytophthora gene

At Ashby Equity we are beginning a new tradition for our Co-op. This is the Ashby Equity Plot and Field Day which incorporates Seed plots, Crop Protection plots, and Management plots.  All farmers are invited to attend no matter if they are our customers or not.  These plots are planned, planted, and managed in a non-biased manner with the goal of giving all farmers wishing to attend and learn information which they can use to better plan and manage thier own fields for thier own profits.  Our goal is to vary presentations of material from year to year so 'I've seen it once' does not apply.  Please feel free to come to our field day events each year and look at the presentations, ask questions, and most importantly make suggestions as to what you would like to see incorporated into next years plot trials.
The plant information provided comes from the DSM's for each represented seed company.  Where applicable Ashby Equity Agronomists may add thier observations.
Asgrow AG0835
-Maturity Group: 0.8
-Good disease Package
-Performs well in narrow rows
-Great emergence
-Avoid placing on lighter ground

Asgrow AG0934
-Maturity Group: 0.9
-Performs great on heavy ground
-Handles “wet feet” very well
-Highest yielding in maturity group
-Avoid narrow rows: white mold

Wensman W3100
-Maturity Group: 1.0
-Top End Yielder
-Consistent performer
-Very good emergence 
-Average white mold tolerance

Wensman W3121
-Maturity Group: 1.2
-Best-in-Class IDC tolerance
-Excellent Standability
-Top end yielder for 1.2 maturity group
-Very good Cyst and Phytophthora protection

Ashby Equity Plot and Field Days 2017
NK S12-R3
-Maturity Group: 1.2
-Can place on high stress environments 
-Very good white mold resistance
-Excellent IDC tolerance
-Avoid Phytophthora prone fields

NK S14-A6
-Maturity Group: 1.4
-Strong and fast emergence 
-Flexible soil placement 
-Excellent standability
-Avoid fields prone to white mold

Asgrow AG12X6
-Maturity Group: 1.2
-Does well on lighter ground
-Avoid narrow rows
-Poor white mold tolerance

Asgrow AG14X8
-Maturity Group: 1.4
-Great white mold tolerance
-Performs well in narrow rows
-Place in higher yield environments 
-Avoid placing on sandy soils 

Wensman W1086
-Maturity Group: 1.0
-Great overall agronomic package
-Very good standability
-Moderately resistant to Brown Stem Rot

Wensman W1121
-Maturity Group: 1.1
-Variable placement bean 
-Handles IDC very well 
-Very good standability
-Avoid narrower rows

Croplan RX1187
-Maturity Group: 1.1
-Fully resistant to Brown Stem Rot 
-Fantastic Standability
-Poor white mold tolerance

Croplan RX1477
-Maturity Group: 1.4
-Great standability
-Good white mold tolerance
-Avoid sandy soils 

Peterson Farms Seed 18X08N
-Maturity Group: 0.8
-Has 3a phytophthora gene
-Can perform well on phytophthora ground
-Place in high yielding environments

NK S12-C1X
-Maturity Group: 1.2
-Best positioned with heavier soils
-Very good white mold resistance
-Strong IDC tolerance
-Below average phytophthora resistance

NK S14-B2X
-Maturity Group: 1.4
-Best positioned on lighter ground 
-Handles stress very well 
-Consistently performs in variable row widths
-Do not plant first in the spring

Dahlman 6808XN
-Maturity Group: 0.8
-Excellent emergence
-SCN tolerance
-Great choice for minimal till environments 
-Avoid White Mold prone fields

Dahlman 6709XN
-Maturity Group: 0.9
-Consistent performer
-Very good stress tolerance
-Strong lateral branches for row fill 
-Lower Brown Stem Rot tolerance

Dahlman 6811XN
-Maturity Group: 1.1
-Excellent IDC Tolerance
-Brown Stem Rot resistance
-SCN Tolerant
-Avoid White Mold prone fields

Dahlman 6713XN
-Maturity Group: 1.3
-Great Phytophthora tolerance
-Broad adaptability
-SCN Tolerant 
-Avoid White Mold Prone fields

​NK N18Q-3011       
-Maturity: 86 Day
-Excellent drought tolerance
-Does well with corn-on-corn environments
-Very good Test Weight
-Makes an excellent corn silage hybrid

NK 8920
-Maturity: 89 Day
-Excellent early season traits
-Excels in medium to fine textured soils
-Well suited for narrow row production
-Avoid soils with low water holding capacity

NK 9454
-Maturity: 94 Day
-Excellent drought tolerance
-Strong roots and stalks
-Handles all soil types
-Variable pop. depending on environment 

Dahlman R44-25 
-Maturity: 88 Day
-Very girthy ear with good husk coverage
-Excellent root strength and standability
-Good adaptability west to east.
-Flowering medium early for maturity

Dahlman R45-28  
-Maturity: 90 Day
-Very good Goss’s tolerance
-Excellent on clay soils 
-Great overall disease package
-Best kept in 91-93 day zones

And On To Corn
Dahlman R46-27  
-Maturity: 92 Day
-Very consistent ear size at all plant populations
-High yield potential in variable environments
-Great low-end yield potential as well
-Strong choice for silage

Wensman W80891
-Maturity: 89 Day
-Performs on any ground
-Responds well to higher populations
-Excellent late season traits
-Avoid ground with Goss’s Wilt 

Wensman W80928
-Maturity: 92 Day
-Handles Goss’ ground very well 
-Great Silage Hybrid
-Plant first; quick emergence and vigor 
-Average root strength  

Peterson Farms Seed 72A91 
-Maturity: 91 Day
-Very good drought tolerance
-Fast emergence
-Very good early season vigor
-Great Northern Corn Leaf Blight tolerance

Peterson Farms Seed 74Z87 
-Maturity: 87 Day
-New Product
-High yielding 87 day
-Very big and girthy ears
-Keep off of sandy soils

Wensman W80972
-Maturity: 97 Day
-Great yield and dry down for later maturity
-Responds well to higher pop. and fertility
-Performs well on sandy soils
-Avoid Goss’s ground

Wensman W80947
-Maturity: 94 Day
-Great overall performer
-Leading yielder in 94-97 day group
-Can place on any ground
-Average Goss’s score

Peterson Farms Seed 76S92 
-Maturity: 92 Day
-Great adaptability
-Fast dry down
-Performs consistent on variable ground
-Poor Northern Corn Leaf Blight tolerance 

Peterson Farms Seed 77P94
-Maturity: 94 Day
-Position for high yielding environments
-More offensive than defensive hybrid
-High management pays off
-Keep on best ground 

Croplan 3499 
-Maturity: 94 Day
-Performs well on variable soil types
-Good drought tolerance
-“Linebacker” stalks and roots
-Poor dry down

​Croplan 3705
-Maturity: 97 Day
-“Mike’s Favorite” 
-Very good Corn on Corn 
-Average Nitrogen and Population Management 
-Avoid planting first: slow emergence and vigor 

Croplan 3614 
-Maturity: 96 Day
-Low input option
-Keep on poor ground
-Avoid high yielding environments 

Croplan 3611
-Maturity: 96 Day
-Great yield potential this year
-Excellent dry down
-Smart Stax version even better
-Takes a lot of groceries: Nitrogen and Potassium

Dekalb DKC 40-78 
-Maturity: 90 Day
-Great late season characteristics 
-Keep on heavy ground
-Increase Populations
-Poor drought tolerance 

Dekalb DKC 41-99
-Maturity: 91 Day
-New Hybrid
-Performs best on lighter ground
-Can be used as early silage corn
-Late flowering for maturity

Dekalb DKC 45-66 
-Maturity: 95 Day 
-Performs on wide range of soil types
-Very good dry down
-Good stalks and roots
-A little slower out of the ground 

Dekalb DKC 47-48 
-Maturity: 97 Day
-Best overall stress tolerance
-Consistently great hybrid
-Performs in wide range of environments
-Average dry down

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