At Ashby Equity we are continuing a new tradition for our Co-op. This is the Ashby Equity Plot and Field Day which incorporates Seed plots, Crop Protection plots, and Management plots.  All farmers are invited to attend no matter if they are our customers or not.  These plots are planned, planted, and managed in a non-biased manner with the goal of giving all farmers wishing to attend and learn information which they can use to better plan and manage thier own fields for thier own profits.  Our goal is to vary presentations of material from year to year so 'I've seen it once' does not apply.  Please feel free to come to our field day events each year and look at the presentations, ask questions, and most importantly make suggestions as to what you would like to see incorporated into next years plot trials.
The plant information provided comes from the DSM's for each represented seed company.  Where applicable Ashby Equity Agronomists may add thier observations.

Peterson Farm Seeds 19B07
Maturity Group: 0.7
First LL variety with Rps3a trait for phytophthora
Can handle dryer ground
Fits L07-16N and 15R07N acres
Avoid SCN acres

Peterson Farm Seeds 19B14
Maturity Group 1.4
Excellent IDC tolerance
Full SCN protection
Nice bushy plant to for early row closure
No phytophthora gene but average field tolerance

Asgrow 06X8
Maturity Group 0.6
Full SCN resistance
Performs well on light soils
Adapted to all row spacings
Avoid White Mold fields

NK S06-K4X
Maturity Group: 0.6
Outstanding drought tolerance
Rps3a gene for phtytophthora 
Performs best on meduim-coarse soils

NK S07-Q4X
Maturity Group 0.7
Great White Mold tolerance
Good SCN resistance
Strong IDC traits

Asgrow AG08X8
Maturity Group 0.8
Adapted to all soil types
Good fit for poorly drained soils
Excellent standability
Avoid narrow rows:  White Mold

Dahlman 6709XN
Maturity Group 0.9
Very strong agronomic package
Rps3a gene for Phytophthora
Very good stress tolerance
Avoid white mold ground

LG Seeds S0962RX
Maturity Group 0.9
Performs on variable soil types
Outstanding defensive package
Adapted to variable soil types
Handles stress very well

Croplan RX0960
Winpak consisting of RX0878 and RX0978
Stable for many yield environments
Solid agronomic package
Avoid brown stem rot acres

NK S10-H7X
​Maturity Group 1.0
Excellent drought and stress tolerance
Adapted to all soil types
Very good IDC and SWM scores
Good branching and heavy pod set

Maturity Group 0.9
Excellent drought tolerance
Performs across all soil types
Moderate population on heavy ground
Does not like wet feet

Dahlman 6909XN
Maturity Group 0.9
Very strong IDC tolerance
Adapts to many soil types
Strong Phytophthora tolerance
Avoid white mold ground

LG Seeds LG1018RX
Maturity Group 1.0
Very good IDC tolerance
Handles drought and has good stress tolerance
Consistent performer
Avoid poorly drained soils

LG Seeds C1000RX
​Maturity Group 1.0
Excellent drought and stress tolerance
Adapted to all soil types
Very good IDC and SWM scores
Good branching and heavy pod set

Dahlman 6811XN
Maturity Group 1.1
Excellent on IDC
BSR resistant
Rps3a gene for phyphthora
Avoid white mold acres

Croplan RX1100
Maturity Group 1.1
Winpak consisting of RX1427 and RX1187
Consistent performer
Solid Agronomics with IDC tolerance
Keep off white mold acres

Peterson Farm Seeds 18X11N
Maturity Group 1.1
Complete disease package
The RR2X heir to 14R11N
The 'go to' bean in the 1.0 maturity zone

Asgrow AG 11X8
Maturity Group 1.1
Can place on AG0934 ground
SCN resistance
Rps3a gene for phytophthora 
Avoid narrow rows: white mold

Dahlman 6713XN
Maturity Group 1.3
Excellent standability and emergence
Full SCN tolerance
Solid agronomic package
More of an offensive variety

Croplan RX1450
Maturity Group 1.4
Winpak consisting of RX1427 and RX1477
Top choice for multiple yield environments
Offers triple Phytophthora tolerance
Keep off IDC acres

Asgrow AG14X8
Maturity Group 1.4
Best placed on heavier soils
Adapted to various row spacings
Excellent BSR rating
Avoid bean on bean

LG Seeds LG1575RX
Maturity Group 1.5
Very high stress tolerance
Excellent emergence and standability
Performs well with all row spacings

Croplan RX1600
Maturity Group 1.6
Winpak consisting of RX1578 and RX1788
Excellent yield potential and standability
Great agronomics
Great disease package
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