Plant Nutrition
Fertilizer, Soil Testing, Micronutrients.  This is the beginning of what is needed for good fertility.  Check our crop nutrient page 
Ashby Equity Agronomy
At Ashby Equity Agronomy we offer all the products you are looking for to farm at a high level of profitability as well as an up-to-date service line-up.  Products and services come in three distinct areas:  Plant nutrition, Crop Protection, and Seed.
Our agronomy staff consists of Taylor Kemper and the team.  Our team combines experience with youthful vigor.  We have the wisdom to know what is best and the youthful drive to get the job done. You will find a great blend of the old and the new in the advice and recommendations offered at Ashby Equity.  
Crop Protection
Good crop protection is more than just ag chemicals. The recommendation and service can be as important as pricing.     Check our crop protection page
We offer Dekalb, Asgrow, LG, Croplan Genetics, Peterson Farms, and NK seeds.  But good seedsmanship is more than just having a lineup of great hybrids.  Check our seed page
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Patronage Paid for 2018 business from the Agronomy Department

Average percentage 5.55%

Dry Fertilizer per ton  $22.14

Anhydrous Ammonia per ton  $25.10 

Crop Protection Products  5.55%

Custom Application, per acre  $.44
Corn seed, per bag  $15.26

Soybean Seed, per unit  $3.05

So why do your input purchasing anywhere else??
Taylor Kemper
Agronomy Manager
CPP Lead
Doug Jorgenson
Sales, Bookkeeping
Aaron Bengtson
Seed Lead
Taylor Kemper
Crop Protection Lead
Agronomy Manager
Rick Gramm, Agronomy and Sales
These guys are among the hardest workers at the Agronomy plant.  Our Custom Application Staff consists of Wes Danielson, Lance Shores, Tim Van Santen and Dennis Fronning.  These are the people that get the job done in the field.  They are trained, licensed, and held accountable for thier work.  You can trust them to get the job done both on time and to specifications.