Crop Protection
Crop protection includes more than just ag chemicals and their proper usage.  Crop protection is anything that has to do with plant health and welfare.  Weed free fields are just the start.  Anything that can maximize the ability of the plant to combat disease, to grow and prosper, and most of all to supply quality yield and financial return to the farmer can be in the province of crop protection.

      More important than the product itself is the recommendation accompanying that product.  

Acuron flexi is the next generation of weed control in corn.  A combination of three complimentary herbicides including bicyclopyrone, Acuron Flexi gives great weed control in corn.  Acuron Flexi is able to be used without geographical or soil type restrictions and allows for application from 28 days pre-plant up to 30 inch corn.
​The number one post glyphosate premix in corn, Halex GT delivers burndown and residual that works like a machine.
Resicore at a Glance

With powerful ingredients that have never been used together before in a single herbicide formulation, Resicore helps growers combat herbicide resistance and maintain clean fields deep into the growing season.  Resicore is a combination of Acetochlor, Mesotrione, and Clopyralid.
​Glyphosate not working like it used to?  Switch to Flexstar GT 3.5!  Flexstar GT 3.5 is a premix of glyphosate and fomesafen for control of glyphosate and ALS-resistant weeds in soybeans.
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If you are looking for the latest and best in advice for weed control, come to Ashby Equity Association and talk to Rick, Aaron, Taylor, or Doug. We have three of the sharpest young agronomists in the business as well one old guy and great application crews.
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Current challenges are still Waterhemp and Ragweed.  We will need to change up some recommendations for next year as we have discovered the ragweed in the area is not only tolerant to roundup but resistant to ALS herbicides.  We recently had a trial where a 10x rate of Firstrate was applied to the ragweed with no control of the weed.  We have also recorded resistant waterhemp and common ragweed in the area.

The applications of Sonic, Valor, and Fierce as soybean pre herbicides was very successful this spring.  Not only did we keep up with demand, the products worked very well.  Flexstar and Cobra are working well this year when applied with roundup.  If you have waterhemp and ragweed problems you will absolutely need a pre herbicide next year with a partner for roundup in the tank in a post application.  Thirty inch rows may need two post applications as the crop does not canopy soon enough to inhibit weed growth.       

Mostly, ASK QUESTIONS.  Many things change every cropping year, and all retailers, manufacturer's reps, extension people, and consultants will be happy to offer top advice and answers.  

At Ashby Equity Association we will answer questions of this nature whenever you need to ask.  If we do not have the answer immediately, we will research your question and get back to you as soon as possible.

Sonic herbicide is a pre-emerge herbicide for soybeans that controls waterhemp, marestail, ragweeds, and other tough weeds, plus has a great residual to compliment the Roundup Ready program of weed control.  Click on the Sonic picture to access information.  We will be in a position to devote all necessary time to spraying pre herbicides for soybeans next spring.  We will be running with both sprayers and will be going with a first come first served basis.  To get your fields on the list for spring Sonic applications, talk to Taylor, Rick, Doug, or Aaron.
Warden CX is a new seed treatment by Winfield.  With three fungicides plus Cruiser, this one is a winner!  Click on the Warden CX by Winfield for more information.  Click on the Warden CX icon for more information.
Emerald Extras have been replaced by the Catalyst Grower Rewards.  These are rewards back to the grower that are real and happen.  The new Catalyst Rewards program is much the same as the the Winfield Emerald Extras, and the rewards are great.  Simply for doing a qualifying level of business with Ashby Equity you can choose from 26 different rewards.  A qualifying Catalyst Pak consists of announced Crop Protection products or Croplan seed covering approximately 400 acres per Crop/Pak.  We at Ashby Equity have had growers awarded from one to as high as 4 paks per qualifying grower.  To find out what the Catalyst Rewards are and what constitutes qualifying purchases, 

See your Ashby Equity Agronomist to ask how!
Any farmer who plants soybeans knows that these days weeds are getting tougher than ever.  It's time to draw the line. 

S.T.O.P. weeds with Liberty

Start early with the first application
    use a pre herbicide

Target weeds when under 3 inches tall
    small weeds are easier to control

Optimize coverage
    Follow the correct rate, water volume, and droplet size

Pair with Residuals
    use multiple effective sites of action for pre and post residuals
Dimetric DF 75% herbicide from Winfield

Dimetric DF 75% (metribuzin) herbicide from Winfield controls a broad spectrum of broadleaf weeds and grasses in both corn and soybeans.  Dimetric may be used with liquid fertilizers, impregnated on dry fertilizer, and tank mixed with various crop protection products.  

Dimetric controls marestail, lambsquarters, common ragweed, and many others, but not waterhemp in soybeans.  Dimetric will be a great tank mix choice for soybean fields suffering from a ragweed problem that do not have waterhemp.
University of Minnesota Extension studies have found that once weed height reaches 3 to 4 inches (using a ruler, guys), corn loses nearly 12 to 13 bu/acre in the first week and 27 to 29 bushel in the second week.  It is more important than ever to make sure you are implementing the most effective week control program possible.

Taylors Picks for Best Weed Contro
Corvus provides consistent control of labeled weeds along with multiple mode of action and low use rates from preplant to V2.
Capreno controls many hard to kill weeds including waterhemp and common ragweed.  Capreno delivers season-long control of grass and broadleaf weeds, with the longest residual of any post product.