Ashby Equity Employees
The People Who Make Good Things Happen
Our People, part of Our Community

Sheila Boyd, Office Manager
Allen Renville, Shop
Doug Jorgenson, 

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Wes Danielson, Applicator, Shop, Safety Lead
Gerald Thorson, Energy
James Hustad, 
General Manager

Lance Shores, Applicator, Energy
Missy Karl
Brett Shores, Applicator, Energy
Gage Olson
Energy Sales
Aaron Bengtson, Seed Lead
Taylor Kemper, Crop Protection Lead
Agronomy Manager
Carrie Jante, NAPA Manager
Tim Van Santen
Rick Gramm
Agronomy Sales
Ken Johnson has retired from the General Manager's position at Ashby Equity Association as of January.  James Hustad succeeds Ken in the GM position.  Ken's tenure as GM of the Equity has been a blessing for all involved.  His experience, personality, business integrity, and sense of humor will be long remembered here.  Ken began managing Co-ops in 1979, going from Gully to Hoffman to Ashby.  This is an impressive total of 39 years of successful Co-op management.  Ken has been with the Equity for 11 of these years, bringing the Equity from the brink of failure to it's present successful structure.  During these years he more than doubled sales, maintained profits, built the new agronomy center, and was a joy to work with.  All of us, staff and customers salute you, Ken, and wish you a happy retirement.