Energy at Ashby Equity
At Ashby Equity we do Energy products with real energy!  Whether it's the pumps at the station, propane, Automated Fuel Delivery (AFD), Fuels, Lubes, or ethanol our people infuse every delivery with a smile and a thank you.  Cenex products are the best in the business, and Ashby Equity deals in Cenex fuels and lubes.  You can purchase all your energy needs at Ashby Equity with a sense of comfort and confidence.
Main propane storage at Ashby Equity
24 hour card operated fuel island at Ashby Equity
One of our LP delivery trucks

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For the BEST in bulk fuel delivery systems.  Ask for Automated Fuel Delivery from Ashby Equity
Whether it's Gerald, Lance, or Tim delivering your energy needs rest assured Ashby Equity and our hard-working people will not leave you in the cold.  Just call, and we will be there to help.
If you want quality, you want Cenex
 *  Automated delivery consists of an electronic monitoring system in your bulk fuel tank.  When the fuel drops blow your predetermined level the monitor sends a signal to the fuel distribution center and we route the nearest delivery truck to fill your tank.  This means no more checking tanks, calling in orders or waiting for delivery.  Your fuel is there when you need it.  Increased efficiency is the result.

 *  Each month the monitor in your tank estimates the amount of fuel you have used and you are billed for only that amount even though your tank is kept at the predetermined level of fuel.  This results in improved cash flow since you don't have dollars tied up in fuel sitting in your tank.

 *  Average Monthly Pricing is a valuable risk management tool.  rather than paying the price posted on the day the fuel was delivered (or used) you will be charged the average price for that month.

 *  Cenex delivers top quality fuels that keep your equipment in top shape including Ruby Fieldmaster Premium diesel fuel.

 *  Online tank monitoring lets authorized users log into Cenex to access tank level information, average fuel usage and historical fuel usage.  This means you are better equipped to manage fuel inventory and anticipate future needs.

 *  What the end result of using AFD is peace of mind, knowing you will always have adequate amounts of high quality fuel on hand without the troubles of daily tank and market checking.

For more information on AFD, Call Ashby Equity Ass'n
                          Toll Free 888-836-8728
Ashby Equity Dividends for the year 2018 are 5.55 percent.  This means that dividends are

Diesel Fuel    .147 per gallon
Gasoline    .119 per gallon
Propane    .072 per gallon
Lube oil       .671 per gallon