Ashby Equity Ass'n
 New Construction
    29189 Hwy 78

New Seed Warehouse, Fertilizer Plant, Shop, Ag Chemical Storage, Offices
The new seed warehouse is housed in an existing steel building on the site.  It has a new concrete floor, new overhead doors, and has been sealed against rodents and is contracted with a professional rodent control company for pest elimination.  This building measures 50 feet wide by 160 long.  There are future plans for a bulk soybean seed facility when farmer participation reaches levels which will demand that service.
Inside the new seed biulding the lighting is excellent and the Equity has installed new roof ventilation.  There will be a small office/work space in the southeast corner by the walk in door,  The seed treater and conveyers will be right next to this work space for efficiency.  When coming for seed, a farmer will drive into the east door and load inside, then drive out the west end.  There will be a computer inside the work space for quick and easy ticketing and product tracking. 
Right off the interstate at the Ashby exit
This is the new indoor seed treatment unit.  It involves a surge tank, conveyers, and a USC 800 treater.  
This is where the new combination office/chemical warehouse/shop will be located.  It will be just to the south of the fertilizer plant.

                  Timeline for the Project 

Seed Warehouse ready                Dec 2012              met

Site and Driveway                        Dec 2012               met

Fertilizer Plant construction          July 2013              working

Office/Chem shed/Shop                Aug 2013             working

Fertilizer equipment and tower       Sep 2013 

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Drawing of proposed offices,shop, and chem storage at new site
Site map of new construction
June 13.  The cement crew is beginning work on the new fertilizer plant
Work progressing on June 18
June 19, progressing rapidly
June 23
6-25.  240 yards in yesterday, floor done.