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Changes? There are always changes.

For the last few years we have been working on expanding our variable rate offerings and services.  We have come a long way on this project and are now doing all the VRN done in house from soil test to application, and are able to do the same with variable rate seeding. We will also be able to offer in-season satellite imagery of your fields. If you are interested in variable rate work it does have a planning phase and you will need to contact us and visit about your needs.  Prices for zone based VRN have gone down sharply from three years ago.

We have now have three multi-bin terragators for VRN work plus a single bin VRN machine.

All of us employees at Ashby Equity Association are very aware that our prosperity depends on our customers satisfaction. Thank you for your business and loyalty for the year we have just finished, and we will work diligently to maintain your trust and business.  

The next big project is to leap forward on 'technology'.  By this we do not mean incremental increases in VRN, VRS, or slight improvements on equipment technologies, but are adding more computer based services and offerings which play into the hands of the farmers directly.  Climate is one of these, another is Agri-Edge.  We are looking at Land'O'Lakes Sustain also and plan on increasing other types of tech boost for our customers.  All this takes time and will work much better with customer input.
From the Agronomy Center
Station, Napa parts and service update. 

 Each day our staff at the Ashby Equity strives to meet our customers' expectations for gas, fuels, parts and service. For a small community we have a lot happening in Ashby. The people are great, and we are thankful we can serve you. The Napa parts line is a good business model that offers a wide range of parts, hand tools, power tools, shop equipment, tire supplies, safety items and a whole lot more. Each quarter the Napa "Real Deals" sales flyer comes out with a boat load of specials. This is a great place to do shopping.  We don't have some of the items in the store, but we can order them and have them the next day. Stop in and take a look. 
E-15 Gasoline:

The Ashby Equity has recently upgraded our pumps to offer our customers a new ethanol blend of E-15 (15% ethanol, 85% gasoline).  E-15 is approved to be used in cars, light trucks and SUV's for model years 2001 and newer.  It offers a higher octane gasoline with a lower cost to the customer.  We will continue to have E-85 and the other ethanol blends as well as regular 87 octane gas and premium non-oxy gasoline.  We will keep you posted on this new product at the Equity.
Thank You Veterans:

We are grateful every day for those who serve, or have served our country in the military.  A special day is set aside each year on November 11 so we can ensure our veterans know that we deeply appreciate the sacrifices they have made and are making in their lives to keep our country free.  We honor all of America's veterans for their loyal and dedicated service.  May God bless all of you.

​Propane tank lease program:

If you have a leased propane tank you will notice your tank lease is on this month's statement.  The propane tank lease period is the same as our fiscal year, Nov 1 through Oct 31.  We bill out tank leases in 
February for this time frame each year.  Generally propane tank leases are $40 per year plus sales tax.  If a customer does not use an amount of propane equal to their tank size each year the tank lease is $75.00 plus tax. We realize in some cases our customers need for propane is less, or they have made investments in better insulation or installed alternative heat sources where propane has become the backup. Where a minimum amount of propane is used annually, the customer can request a smaller propane tank. The annual consumption is reviewed yearly to determine your lease rate. If a customer's usage goes up, the tank lease will once again go to the $40.00 rate.  Based on our research, these lease rates are very competitive with other energy sources and programs in the area. Give us a call if you have additional questions. 
"Making a Difference" Community Grant Program:

The Ashby Equity will once again be awarding $5000 making a difference dollars ($1250 per quarter) for organizations and individuals improving and impacting our communities in a positive way. We know there are many organizations and individuals that are making huge differences in the lives of many people. If the organization received tax exempt status under section 501(C)(3) of the internal revenue code the Equity will also apply for matching funds for the organization from the Land O'Lakes foundation.  Contact the Ashby Equity for the "Making a Difference" grant application. Together we can make a difference.
Dividend and Stock Retirement checks:

The patronage dividend checks and stock retirement checks are here. If you have not picked up your check, please stop in. This year's dividend rate was 5.55% of which we paid 30% in cash. The total dividend amounted to a 11.9¢ on gasoline, 14.7¢ on diesel, 7.2 cents per gallon propane and $22.14 per ton of fertilizers. We also retired 100% of the outstanding stock to those born in 1947 and 10% for those born in 1948. 156 customers shared in the $130,000 stock retirement. 
2018-2019 Propane Contracts Available:

Propane contracts for next year are now available.  We have seen energy values higher than last year with crude oil trading in the mid $60 range.  There is plenty of propane inventory so propane is basically following the energy complex at this point.  Propane contracts are running a little higher than last year's prices.  History shows us the best time to start buying propane for the next season is from spring into summer. It may be a good time to contract a portion of your next winter season or crop drying propane. We will continue to use our market based pricing strategy on contracts. As we sell, we will continue to buy and price accordingly. Give us a call if you are interested in a propane contract.
​Spring is nearly DONE now, and spring has been a reflection of winter with cold, wet weather.  One of the things to remember is that with the spring weather we have had, there is even less room for mistakes.  Expert advice may cost a few dollars per acre but comes with the peace of mind accurate information gives  

Seed:  We continue to offer seed products from multiple companies including; Dekalb/Asgrow, Peterson Farms Seed, Croplan, LG Seeds, NK, and Dahlman.  Each company has a diverse portfolio with options in different technology and genetics.  There are still plenty of supplies left.  Enlist soybeans now have full approval and we have good supplies.  This technology incorporates glyphosate resistance, liberty, and 2,4-D choline into the bean which gives a great range of CPP options for killing weeds.  MY opinion is that this tech will take over from all other current technology in the seed market for soybeans.

Fertilizers:  Ashby Equity can provide a variety of fertility services.  From soil sampling to VRT prescription mapping and application.  Call and talk to our agronomy sales staff to line up your spring fertilizer or soil sampling.  At the end of May we still have ample supplies of all fertilizers.

Agronomy Financing Options:  Once again we are offering many attractive financing options for your 2019 crop inputs and seed.  We have John Deere Financing (formally Farm Plan) available to our customers.  There are specific seed financing offers for Dekalb/Asgrow, Croplan, LG Seeds, Dahlman, Peterson Farms Seeds, and NK seed lines.  As you can see the Ashby Equity has a seed line portfolio along with financing options second to none.  We will also be offering our crop input financing through CHS Capital again.  This convenient crop input loan offers competitive rates for all products purchased from the Ashby Equity.  Pick up an application at one of the offices Today.