Plant Nutrition
With traditional fertility products becoming commodities, differences between retail facilities is measured not in simply knowing N,P, and K but in other areas.  Price, quality of product, innovation, integrity, and service are among the items a farmer needs to consider in order to separate differing offers. 

 At Ashby Equity Ass'n we offer the traditional products of Urea, DAP, and potash, plus MESZ (12-40-10 sulfur-1 zinc).  We have installed a 20,000 gallon outtside tank for 28% liquid fertilizer.  We also offer the secondary nutrients of zinc and sulfur separately as well as quality micronutrient packages.  Added to this we have service offerings of soil testing, plant tissue testing, Variable Rate Nutrition (VRN), field mapping, Soilscan, field scouting, and of course custom application.  We have a Certified Professional Agronomist (CPAg, CCA) on staff as well as five degree holding agronomists in James, Taylor, Aaron, Rick and Doug.   Come in and ask how R7 and our agronomy experts can help you better understand your farm.  We have added 6000 gal storage for Ammonium Thiosulfate for blending with 28%.  If interested in ATS, please let us know.

             When thinking about your crop fertility needs, think Ashby Equity Ass'n.
When looking at bulk dry fertilizers you need first to look for dust-free fertilizer with evenly sized granules.  
Then you need reliable application equipment with enough support to deliver the product to the field
Equipment and fertilizer cannot run themselves.  It takes experienced and dedicated application and service employees to bring everything together. Here Gage is cleaning and servicing the spray water truck.
VRN, VRS, In-Season Imagery
Fine Tune With
Targeted micronutrients using plant tissue analysis
Plant tissue testing will soon be a regular part of many farmer's annual crop nutrition plans.  Winfield and Agvise labs have teamed up to offer a new and excellent method of plant tissue testing to determine in season nutrient levels and whether these levels inhibit plant growth and yield production.  These test results can stand alone but are best used when teamed with soil test results to refine a total plant nutrition system for any farm.  Ashby Equity is offering Winfield Nutrisolutions tissue testing for you to enhance your farming practicesl

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Sample Tissue Test Analysis
New Premier Starter Fertilizer at Ashby Equity

CHS 7-23-5 can be applied to crops by banding in or near the seed row, surface dribble, strip-till, bed placement, irrigation, or by other methods.  CHS 7-23-5 is a premier product replacing the usage of 10-34-0.  
What happens when corn is not fertilized, or fertilized at low levels?  See for yourself.  It's much worse than you think.
No fertilizer versus recommended fertilizer
At Ashby Equity we have the ability to do VRN (Variable Rate Nutrition) and VRS (Variable Rate Seeding) from planning to planting.  We also are fully into the new Y-Drop and SoilScan technology.  We are Dealers for Climate.  Our agronomists at Ashby Equity are fully trained and able to help you with your needs in all the new tech.

MESZ (10-40-10s-1zn) is the next great thing in fertility management.  This product helps increase yields by placing all nutrients more evenly distributed across the field, and decrease costs per acre with needing less of the add-on secondary nutrients and the increased effeciency.

We have added ATS (12-0-0-26S) to our liquid fertilizer offerings.  We would be using this at farmer request to blend with 28% UAN for spring banding or for summer Y-dropping.  Please let us know if you are interested.