Propane for all your needs.  From drying grain to winter home heating.  From grilling that steak to powering your clothes dryer or range.  From your forklift to your fireplace.  Propane is the fuel of choice for many homes, businesses, and farms.  Ashby Equity has propane for all your needs and uses Cenex branded propane with its reputation for dependable, safe supply.
Propane is the fuel source for more than 60 million Americans.  Propane is a non-toxic form of energy and virtually eliminates the possiblity of contamination or spills since its usable form is a gas.  With proper safety practices propane is one of the most dependable sources of energy we have.  After all, how can over 60 million Americans be wrong about this?

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Two of our modern propane delivery trucks at Ashby Equity Ass'n
"Secure Comfort"  Propane Contracts Available:  History shows us the best time to start buying propane for the next season is from January to May.  We will continue to use our market based pricing strategy on contracts.  As we sell, we will continue to buy and price accordingly.  You do not have to contract all your propane needs at one time.  Give us a call if you are intersted in a propane contract for next season.

"Secure Comfort"  Propane Program:  Ashby Equity Ass'n is committed to propane safety and our "Secure Comfort" propane program.  With "Secure Comfort" you can relax, be comfortable and trust that you are in control of your heating needs.  No big surprises or unrealistic price hikes!  We have leased propane thanks available for your needs.  We are committed to safe propane installations.  Now that's peace of mind!

"Secure Comfort" Payment Options:  Propane contracts can be secured with 1 of 3 payment options.  Our "Secure Comfort" payment options are:  Equal Payment Plan (0 down payment), 10 Cent Down Payment Plan or 100% Prepaid Contract Plan.

"Secure Comfort" Equal Payment Plan:  The "Secure Comfort" equal payment plan spreads your home heating costs out into 12 equal monthly payments.

Equal Payment Plan Highlights:
 *  Payments are July through June
 *  Previous fuel consumption history will be used to determine new equal payment amount.
 *  Propane contract locks in the payment amount
 *  Summer Fill included in "Secure Comfort" equal payment plan
 *  No down payment on "Secure Comfort" equal payment plan contracts
 *  Customer must have an approved account to qualify for equal payment plan
 *  Ashby Equity reserves the right to adjust the monthly equal payment as it deems necessary based on weather and usage, and may terminate the equal payment plan if guidelines are not followed by the customer
 *  Customer may terminate the equal payment plan by paying the entire balance due in full
 *  "Secure Comfort" equal payment plans set up after the July 25th starting date will be calculated on the remaining payment period.  Account reconciled in June

"Secure Comfort" Safety and Service:  "Secure Comfort" also means that someone will be there to answer the phone.  Our commitment to your peace of mind includes an on-call system and phone service that will ring to one of our Ashby Equity staff members.  "Secure Comfort" safety will also include random leak tests, and prompt response to potential dangers related to your propane gas system.  Our Out-Of-
Gas policy, and System Leak Tests follow proper propane gas handling regulations.

"Secure Comfort" Contracts are now available!  Give us a call if you are interested in a propane contract for next season.
Ashby Equity Ass'n Propane Contracts
Ashby Equity Ass'n Propane Tank Lease Program
Each year when we bill our our annual propane tank leases we get a number of phone calls from customers.  Let me explain our program and how it may affect you.  Propane tank leases are $40 per year plus sales tax.  If a customer does not use an amount of propane equal to thier tank size each year the tank lease is $75 plus tax.  We realize in some cases our customers have made investments in alternative heat sources where propane has become the backup.  Because of this, we have had to review tank sizes and lease rates where a minimum amount of propane is used annually.  Based on our research, these lease rates are very competitive with the other energy sources and programs in the area.  Give me a call if you have additional questions.
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