Pumps and Lubes

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The 24 hour card activated pump island at the Cenex station boasts renewable fuels in the form of an ethanol blender pump, summer and winter deisel fuel, and unleaded gasoline.  Quality Cenex products are always used at Ashby Equity
Quality oils and automotive products from several premium brands are available at the Napa Store for your needs
Quality Cenex brand lubricants are available in large containers for your farming and bulk needs
 Product Spotlight
Enviro-Edge 5W-40
Full Synthetic Diesel Engine Oil
Maxtron Enviro-Edge 5W-40 is our most advanced full synthetic diesel engine oil.  This full synthetic diesel oil is engineered for fuel economy, wide temperature range performance and to protect all 2007 and newer model year low emission engines and their exhaust after treatment systems.  This unique formulation was also designed to provide additional protection for older engines.  the high TBN, outstanding TBN retention, additional anti-oxidant, and Wear Saver Technology give Maxtron Enviro-Edge 5W-40 the highest level of reserve quality.  Using Maxtron Enviro-Edge full synthetic diesel oil will result in longer engine life in fleet, construction, and farm equipment under severe service and extreme temperature conditions.  Expect superior performance in:

*  Four-stroke naturally aspirated and turbocharged diesel engines
*  All 2007 and newer low emission engines with exhaust after treatment devices
*  Pre-2007 engines specifying older API or OEM oil performance catagories
*  Using ultra low or low sulfur diesel fuel
*  When the manufacturer recommends the use of 5W-40 diesel engine oils

Ashby Equity bulk oil tanks come in three sizes:  70 gal, 120 gal, and 180 gal.  These tanks are durable poly, and convenient.  Ashby Equity will supply and maintain ownership of the tanks.  The customer supplies the stand and fittings.  Then you are required to purchase Cenex brand lubricants, hydraulic oils, and anti-freeze from Ashby Equity to fill the tanks.  

Pictured is the bulk oil setup at Ashby Equity Agronomy Center

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