Refined Fuels
When looking for a supplier for quality refined fuels, you need look no farther than Ashby Equity.  We offer a complete lineup of Cenex Brand refined fuels to include Roadmaster XL, Ruby Fieldmaster, gasoline, Cenex Winter Fuels, and Renewable fuels.  No order too large or too small.
If you need fuel for your
If you want renewable fuels
Or just need to put gas on the runabout
Whatever your needs, if large or small
Ashby Equity is where to call---Now!
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Cenex Total Protection Plan Warranty
Cenex Ruby Fieldmaster Premium Diesel Fuel sets the standard for quality in fuels.  It's backed by the Cenex Total Protection Plan Warranty, the best plan of it's kind in agriculture today.  The Cenex TPP Warranty covers new equipment for up to 10 years or 10,000 hours and will cover used equipment for up to 8 years or 8,000 hours.  There is no deductable and the warranty is fully transferable.  For more information on this incredible warranty
Fuel Containment 

Poly Containments
Introducing Poly Containments

Ashby Equity would like to introduce Poly containments designed to meet the SPCC plan requirements.  These lightweight containments serve as an alternative to liners and earthen dikes, concrete, or metal containments.  Poly containments are compact and lightweight for easy installation.  Give us a call today for your Poly Containment system.

*  Meets EPA specs for the SPCC plan

*  Made from 100% recycled material, chemical and sun resistant

*  Drain on bottom to release rain water

*  Size options include 560, 1000, and 2000 gallon tanks

*  Dimensions of 560 and 1000 gal are:  77" wide, 96" long, and 38" high  ($950)

*  Dimensions of 2000 gal are:  77" wide, 192" long, and 38" high  ($1950)

We have arrangements with a certidied engineer to assist with SPCC plans