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At Ashby Equity Ass'n we offer a complete line-up of seeds to include alfalfa, grasses, soybeans, corn, and more.  We include the greatest of brand names such as Dekalb, Asgrow, Peterson Farm Seeds, LG Seeds, Croplan, and NK Seeds in our offerings.  Our seed salespeople are James Hustad, Aaron Bengtson, Taylor Kemper, Rick Gramm and Doug Jorgenson.  Our salespeople have the experience and skills to help you arrive at the best options to pick from for your farm.  You can rely on their integrity and dedication to help you with your seed decisions and to provide the most knowledgable, in-depth, and comfortable customer experience possible.

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DKC 46-20 VT3PRIB.  Older, established hard to beat 96 day number.  Plant it if you love it.

DKC 39-28 GENVT2PRIB.  Excellent 89 day go anywhere corn with great root and stalk strength, emergence, drydown, and greensnap tolerance. 

DKC44-15 GENVT2PRIB.  Great all around corn, proven in the Ashby area.

DKC45-66 GENVT2PRIB.  Excellent yield potential and has shown stable performance under drought stress.

Proven corn numbers from Croplan for 2019

3314 VT2PRIB.  93 day corn.  Great ear flex in this number, good for variable populations!  Real workhorse for those tough areas. Great stalk and root strength, very good drydown, seedling vigor, test weight. Low RTN, medium RTP,

3337VT2P/RIB, RR.  93 day corn, best corn across all companies for drought tolerance, excellent yielder.  works well on variable soil types.  Fast out of the ground, handles stress well.  You cannot pass this number by when looking at a reasonably priced corn with great drought tolerance and yield on lighter soils.

2845SS/RIB, VT2PRIB.  88 day corn.  Excellent yields for an 88 day, compares well to 93 day corns for yield.  Flowers early with fast drydown, excellent root strength and late season stalk strength.  Good heat stress tolerance and works well on variable soil types.  This is one corn that should be in everyone's plan.  This is another workhorse from Croplan that is proven in the Ashby area.  High response to nitrogen and population scores. 

3499 VT2PRIB, 94 day corn.  This is a corn with excellent heat and moisture stress tolerance.  Great seedling vigor, response to N is medium, response to population is medium.
2018 Ashby Equity Corn Plot Results

                                                                                                   Seed Cost per         seed cost                   
Brand             Hybrid                  Dry Yield         Yield Rank    bu yield produced  per bu rank      
LG SEEDS     LG46C73                245.2                    1                        $.51                        7
DAHLMAN     R48-21                    244.2                    2                        $.43                        2
LG SEEDS     LG5465                   243.9                    3                        $.50                        6            
DEKALB        DKC47-27               243.8                    4                        $.52                        8
NK                  9227-3220              235.9                    5                         $.49                        5
DEKALB        DKC45-66              231.8                    6                         $.57                        11
DAHLMAN     R46-27                   231.7                    7                         $.42                         1
PETERSON   76Y96                     229.9                    8                         $.48                        4
CROPLAN     3705SS                  228.3                    9                          $.66                       13
LG SEEDS    LG44C47                226.1                   10                        $.56                        10
CROPLAN    3611SS                   225.6                    11                        $.59                        12
PETERSON  79N94                     224.2                    12                        $.50                        6
NK                9505-3110               223.6                    13                        $.50                        6
PETERSON 72A91                     223.3                     14                        $.49                        5
DEKALB      DKC41-99              222.3                     15                        $.57                        11
NK                8920-3120             221.9                     16                        $.52                         8
CROPLAN   3575SS                  220.1                     17                        $.69                        14
DAHLMAN   R45-28                   219.6                     18                        $.47                        3
DAHLMAN   R47-24                   218.7                     19                        $.48                        4
PETERSON  74Z87                    217.2                     20                        $.51                        7
LG SEEDS   LG5410                 215.3                      21                        $.54                        9
DEKALB      DKC47-47             208.6                      22                        $.72                        15
NK                8881-3110A          207.4                      23                        $.54                         9

Asgrow beans for 2019 have changed again.  AG0934, and AG1733 are still available in the RR2.

AG08X8 is an new Xtend bean of 0.8 maturity, looks excellent except for low IDC scores.  

AG09X9 is a new Xtend bean that looks good across the board.  0.9 maturity with excellent yield potential, good SWM tolerance and above average IDC

AG11X8 is an Xtend bean of 1.1 maturity, looks great.  Watchouts are poor for bean on bean rotations, and poor BSR tolerance.

Call on one of our agronomists for more information.
​Croplan Soybeans for 2018

R2C0957 is a 12.9 maturity soybean with a solid agronomic package that excels in a high yield environment.  This bean is rated with very good SWM tolerance.

R2C1100 is a 1.1 maturity bean with cyst protection.  This bean is a Winpak with a great defensive package and suitable to all soil types.  

LC0716 is a .07 maturity Liberty Link bean.  This Liberty bean will show good yields across environments and has cyst and IDC tolerance.

LC1200 is likely the Liberty bean of choice for 2017.  This bean has great yields,  is a Winpak and has an excellent defensive package to go with the yields.  This bean is performing exceptionally well in plots and fields. 
NK selections for 2019

NK8920 corn is an 89 day number with an exciting yield potential and broad adaption.  This corn is quick out of the ground with superb staygreen and late season plant health.

NK9227 Artesian is a 92 day corn with great yields paired with Agrisure Artesian Technology.  Good roots and stalks, staygreen and drydown.

NK9454 Artesian is a 94 day corn with diverse genetics, strong emergence and seedling vigor.

These are the plot guys!

The plot this year is a great success again, we will be making this a tradition.  With the continuing problems with weed control, plots of this type are needed.  Come visit anytime and ask for a tour.  2018 plot workers are James, Shyanna , Aaron, and Taylor
The seed warehouse at Ashby Equity
Peterson Farm Seeds

Peterson Corn

23A85 Artesian GTA 85 day corn. This has above average stalk and root quality for harvest flexibility.  Widely adapted with late season staygreen.  Excellent drought tolerance

74J89 VT2PRO  89 day corn.  This has impressive early vigor, strong yield performance across all environments and will perform well on those tough acres

72A91 VT2PRO  91 day corn.  Oustanding yield performance with a great disease package.  Good earflex, drydown, drought, greensnap, and Goss's tolerance.   

75S96 VT2PRO  96 day corn.  This is a shorty with great greensnap tolerance and less residue making it easy to manage in heavier soils.  Good Goss's, test weight, and late season health.  Great yielder.

Peterson Soybeans

L07-16N is a Liberty Link with great IDC and SCN resistance.  Great adaptability but does not handle we feet well.  Excellent yielder at 0.7

L12-16N is a Liberty Link with great IDC and SCN resistance.  Use on medium to better soils, has great early emergence and vigor.  Will push yields on better ground.

L13-15N is a Liberty Link that will break yield barriers in it's maturity.  Very adaptable.

New for 2019 planting are the LL/GT soybeans.  As you can guess by the description, they are technology that is compatable with both Glyphosate (Roundup) and Liberty Link.

19B07 is a new 0.7 maturity LL/GT bean.  This bean handles dry conditions well, yields well, and has great weed control options

19B11 is a new 1.1 maturity LL/GT bean.  This bean is a yield leader, handles IDC well, and canopies quickly.

19B14 is a new 1.4 maturity LL/GT bean.  This bean has SCN resistance, excellent IDC tolerance, and is quick to cover the row with great yields 

NK S09-R8X is a .09 maturity bean with SCN and Xtend.  This bean has broad adaptation that allows it to perform well across variable soil types.  Yield leader.

NK S10-H7X is a 1.0 maturity bean with SCN and Xtend.  This bean has excellent standability and good pod height allowing for ease of harvest.  Good choice for drought prone soils

NK S12-C1X is a 1.2 maturity bean with SCN, Xtend, IDC, and SWM tolerance that fits multiple environments.  Good bean.
​LG40C06 is a widely adapted corn product combining good disease traits, excellent agronomics, ear flex, and high yields.  90 day

LG5410 is a 91 day corn that adapt well across the northern corn belt with strong northern movement.  Taller plants and girthy flex ears produce quality grain of average test weight

LG44C27 is a 94 day corn that looks to be a very strong performer across the upper midwest.  Tall robust plants have excellent standability.  High test weight grain is produced by very girthy ears

LGS0962RX is a 0.9 maturity soybean is an Xtend bean that is a yielder with SCN and excellent adaptability

C1175R2 is a 1.1 maturity RR2 bean with a high yield potential, strong agronomics and SCN resistance
Due to the season we were in this year with early hot weather and a warm to hot summer, I am not surprised at how small the separation is between hybrids.  I suspect that if we were to run a statistical analysis we would see no statistical differences in the top two thirds of this plot.  The seed cost per bushel of yield generated is likely to be the same.  When I looked at our moisture results (not in this table) there is also little to no separation because of the fall environment.  When using the results from this plot be sure to factor in the results from your own fields into your thinking.  One thing is gauranteed, and that is NEXT YEAR WILL BE DIFFERENT.  All varietys and companies performed well this year.  The low yield in the plot is over 200 bushels per acre, and that is a great testament to the breeding efforts of all seed companies involved in this plot.
                                               2018 SOYBEAN PLOT RESULTS

RANK    BRAND        VARIETY        MATURITY        YIELD        NOTES
1           Croplan        RX1600             1.6                    59.78            
2           LG Seeds    LGS1575RX       1.5                    59.4
3           Croplan        RX1450             1.4                    58.62
4           Asgrow        AG14X8             1.4                    58.23    
5           NK                S09-R8X            0.9                    54.74            *
6           Peterson     19B14                 1.4                    53.57            **
7           Dahlman      6709XN              0.9                    49.69
8           LG Seeds    C1000RX            1.0                    49.3
9 tie      Asgrow       AG11X8              1.1                    48.53            ***
9 tie      Asgrow       AG06X8              0.6                    48.53            **
9 tie     Asgrow        AG08X08            0.8                    48.53
9 tie     LG Seeds    LGS0962RX        0.9                    48.53            ***
10        Peterson     19B07                  0.7                    48.14            **
11 tie   NK                S10-H7X             1.0                    46.97
11 tie   Croplan       RX0960               0.9                    46.97             ***
11 tie   Croplan       RX1100               1.1                    46.97
11 tie   Peterson    18X11N                1.1                    46.97
12        Dahlman    6811XN                1.1                    45.81
13        Dahlman    6713XN                1.3                    44.64            ***
14 tie   Dahlman    6909XN                0.9                    42.31
14 tie   LG Seeds  LGS1018RX         1.0                    42.31
15        NK             S07-Q4X                0.7                   37.66
16        NK             S06-K4X                0.6                    37.27

*          Out-yielded bordering varietys by 8-12 bu

**        Planter issue and low spot

***      Wheel track from sprayer